Importance of Good Health

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' 'Why a Healthy Lifestyle is Important for Student ' '
The average college student heads to school prepared for homework, social life, and basic physical needs, but might not be sufficiently aware that a healthy lifestyle is important in school. The school lifestyle, filled with parties and other social events, as well as all nighters and intense study experiences, does not lend itself to making students help the on-campus. Student medical care is often neglected, as is exercise and nutrition. But there are good reasons why a healthy lifestyle is important for college students.

Reason one: a healthy body is a prerequisite for learning. The purpose of student medical care should be to enable students to focus on studying instead of on health problems. While I am sure there are some unhealthy intelligent people out there, for most of us to learn in school we need to be on top of our physical health. A healthy school lifestyle should care for all of our bodies needs, including nutrition and exercise. While it can be challenging to be healthy on-campus, it is also bear a warning for those who pull it off.

Reason two: feel good about school. In addition to caring for one 's physical body, one must also be mentally healthy on-campus. If you 're a healthy, you 'll feel good about everything in your life, including your academic pursuits: and that feeling will make you more likely to succeed in class work. On most American campuses, student medical care is available for students who have depression or other serious medical conditions. Most students, though, can control their school lifestyle to ensure that they are mentally healthy. Recognizing that a healthy lifestyle is important in school is the first step.

Reason three: enjoy life. The school lifestyle should be fun and enjoyable for students, including those who are just starting out. Even when you 're in school, you need to find pleasure in life. Being healthy on-campus will help your joy life. While...
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