Importance Of First Year Experince Class

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Almost colleges have a first year experience class for starting freshmen. These classes help freshman with various tools for them to have a successful and productive start to their college experience. If you were to look at different college’s first year experience class description, you find that most of them are different. Some are more descriptive than others and the requirements may be different but overall the purpose of the class is the same. When you take a look at Suny Albany’s fye class description you see that they only meet once a week. They also state the class is to make the students the best that they can be. They focous on experiences that you may come across during your first year of college. Then they give you the tools and strategies that will help you be able to deal with certain situations and experiences. Another important thing that Albany’s fye class does is helps students locate the resources at the campus that is specific to your major and academic needs. Baldwin Wallace University fye class is similar to Albany’s also. The benefits listed on their website are understanding the educational advantages that the university offers to students, how to interact with the community that you are around such as the town and extracurricular activities. The website also states that the class helps in building students skills that help future ventures through their academics. Being in a fye class I agree with some of the descriptions these colleges’ shows. Fye class do that because with out them it would be hard to know different things around the campus. Starting off at college is a whole different experience you go from people helping you, telling when, why and how to do something to not having that at all. So you’re going to need help adjusting to being independent. While preparing for colleges doing applications and visitations there are lots of things that no one really tells you. The only way you’re going to learn these things is at the...
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