Importance of Family Dinners

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The Importance of Family Dinners

Do you remember watching television sitcoms such as "The Brady Bunch", "The Partridge Family" or even "The Wonder Years"? In those television shows families would gather together around the dinner table every night and talk about the adventures of their day. This dinner ritual is about more than providing your body with required sustenance. It gives families a time to reconnect with the people closest to them and opens the doors of communication. Studies have also shown that teens in families that eat dinner together are less likely to use drugs, alcohol and cigarettes than teens that don't eat dinner with their parents.

With today's hectic schedules, it can be nearly impossible to fit family dinners among practices, lessons, and work hours. A woman's role in society has changed. Millions of women have entered the workforce due to the necessity of having two incomes to support a family in these times. Women are no longer just homemakers and many don't have the time to prepare elaborate meals every night. According to the article "The Erosion of Family Dinners and Family Time" research by the University of Minnesota has shown that "In the past twenty years, there has been a thirty three percent decline in the number of families who eat dinner together regularly". "Only fifty percent of American families eat dinner together every night" and "thirty four percent of these meals come from fast food restaurants". Family dinners have been endangered for some time and will soon become extinct unless we can make an effort to preserve this tradition.

Communication is opened up between family members around the dinner table. Parents can talk to their children about important topics, such as, school performance, problems within the home and about their child's daily activities. Children have an opportunity to share problems such as peer pressure, trouble in school or ask questions they may have on their minds. This opening of...
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