Importance of Family

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My Family
“You never know what you have until it’s gone.” I had a hard time thinking of what my most valued personal possession was, and then I asked my guide/philosopher/teacher she asked me a question “If my house burned down what would the one thing I want to save.” I replied, “My Family.” This one question helped me realize how much I love my family. When she asked this question I didn’t even stop to think about my answer and I blurted out my family. `On November 17, 2011 my life was turned upside down. It was stormy night, thunder was happening every 20 seconds. Suddenly we get a call from the hospital saying, “Does Mr. Jalauddin Nayani live here?” I replied, “Yes, he lives here he’s my dad. The lady on the phone said, “I’m calling from St. Joseph hospital, and your dad was brought to the emergency room 10 minutes ago. He was shot twice once in the finger, then the chest. He has lost a lot of blood. Can you come down here to sign some papers, because the two bullets are inside him and we need to have an immediate operation to get the bullets out to prevent further damage.” After putting the phone down it felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach know knocked out all the air from inside of me. Finally I managed to talk and I told my mom and my older brother this. Their eyes were getting watery. My brother has never cried in his life, and he was crying at hearing this information. He ran out the door sat in his and raced to the hospital without even waiting for a second to see what my mom had to say. After trying to calm my mom down she said, “I want to see your dad.” I said, “I’m not letting you drive in this condition, Zain, my brother has gone he’ll keep us informed.” She didn’t listen to me and stormed out of the house with the door slamming behind her. I So I ran after and saw she was opening the garage door, and reversed the car out onto the driveway and said, “Are you coming or not?” I rushed to the car and sat inside. We met with the doctor on...
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