Importance Of Education In Education Essay

Pages: 7 (1675 words) Published: December 17, 2017

Education should be one of the highest priorities of a country. Education serves the interests both of the modern state and individual. It serves the state by creating citizens with a common understanding of their identity that manifests itself as nationalism as well as an appreciation of rights and responsibilities. Also it serves the interests of individuals because it enables them to participate in the production of the modern world’s economy, politics and society. But lack of high quality and protective education for children in extreme settings stands in the way of meeting Education for All goals, of achieving durable solutions and of sustainable development of a country. Extreme setting means physical and emotional disruption, climate...

However, in some settings it is impossible for parents to protect a children. Therefore, schools have unique position, they strived to provide a physically and mentally safe environment for children to learn from proffesionals. There were adequate teacher student ratio, standardized teacher quality. Also it is easier for schools to provide spate to implement school based programs targeting specific problems. Schools can connect children and agencies, especially because social workers or international NGO’s often work from schools. Schools can influence knowledge and attitudes of a student, they can provide more networking, create peer support and help to achieve higher socio-economic status in a future. In other words, education is a vaccine against social ills. Education builts belief which is strong influencer and can change social attitudes. Now, there are more countries are rising and more complex problems are becoming. Schools are changing as well. Like for example, no one program fits all and each time there's a new administrator, there's a new program. But this programs are short lived focusing on particular groups with particular problems. A lot of schools are getting outside support, which is unabling organic growth of support systems in schools. Unfortunatelly, schools in Mongolia are losing social authority. There are criticised for being the root of all social problems occured and present at the moment in Mongolia (discrimination, sexual violence, corruption, drug use, bullying and so on.) Therefore, we need a societal systemic changes which will cover wider...
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