Importance of Education

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As a little girl my mother had always told me that education was very important. She’d always emphasize that she wanted me to be the first one in my family to go to college right out of high school. Of course, I didn’t really understand or care because I was so young. Now that I am in high school I take into my mothers words and realize that college is important. But now the question is, “What college do I want to attend?” I have taken into consideration many other colleges. I believe that the University of Oklahoma is the best college for me. OU can offer me a wonderful education, a path to success, and a chance to major in Interior Design. One reason why I believe the University of Oklahoma is the school for me concerns the significance of my education. I have always heard that OU was a great school but in all honesty I didn’t really know why. I began to do some research on this university and found out that it is ranked 101 nationwide out of over 1,600 schools. I have always known that there are over 40 sororities in this school. This university also has over 300 student clubs and organizations. In all case, what isn’t there to do in OU? Not only will I get an education but I will also get a path to success. The faculty and staffs of OU is loyal and trustworthy. I know that they will lead me to the positive direction to success for a better future. Because I want to major in Interior Design, I know I have to be creative and diverse. The Interior Design department will offer me a chance to work with architects and a diverse faculty. While doing some research I had found out that the professors at the university have their own unique perspective on design that reflects on the agendas and the classroom. The department has computers with the latest interior design software which will help me have the knowledge founded in the workplace. With all of this, I know that I will have the opportunity to have a path to success.

The Interior Design department has many...
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