Importance of Education

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Education has been regarded as a means toward economic stability and progress. The increases productivity of the workforce is due mainly to the increase in the education and training of the people. The success and development of the country would greatly depend in the productivity of its human resources – which is considered as one of the vital asset of the nation. And to have a good and competent man power resources, quality education and intensive training is necessary for the students to become skilled and productive workers when they become part of the labor force. Individual performance is highly important for an organization as a whole and for the individuals working in it. Individual performance is a core concept within work and organizational psychology. During the past 10 or 15 years, researchers have made progress in clarifying and extending the performance concept (Campbell, 1990). Moreover, advances have been made in specifying major predictors and processes associated with individual performance. Organizations need highly performing individuals in order to meet their goals, to deliver the products and services they specialized in, and finally to achieve competitive advantage. With the ongoing changes that we are witnessing within organizations today, the performance concepts and performance requirements are undergoing changes as well (Ilgen & Pulakos, 1999). Performance, if it is recognized by others within the organization is often rewarded by financial and other benefits. Performance is a major although not the only prerequisite for future career development and success. In the labor market. Although there might be exceptions, high performers get promoted more easily within an organization and generally have better career opportunities than low performers (VanScotter, Motowidlo, & Cross, 2000).

It is said that education is primarily concerned with the opening out to the world of the students so that he can choose his interests and mode of living, and his career. On the other hand, training is primarily concerned with the preparing the participants from certain lines of action, which are delineated by technology and by the organization in which he works.

Education is not only limited to the degree an individual can attained however it must be accompanied by character, attitude, behavior and values that would significantly affects or influence his performance and productivity. The most effective method to develop the competence and skills of students is trough hand – on training – the on-the-job training. This process exposes the students to the different fields and learned. Moreover, it allows the students to become familiar and made known with the actual operation of the business and the state-of-the-art of the facilities, equipment and technology used.

Many opportunities for development can be found on-the-job. Trainees are able to learn as they contribute to the goals of the firm. Morale, productivity, and professionalism will normally be high in those individuals that employ a sound OJT program.

As per required by the CHED, graduating students of Bacolod City College BS Information System must undergo on-the-job training with required time of Three Hundred Fifty hours. This would be a stepping stone for the practicumers to develop themselves to become professionals in their own field of specialization and acquire new learning through gained experiences during trainings. It is very essential component of the learning process, geared towards preparing students future career.


(95 - 100)

Above Average
(90 – 94)

(85 – 89)

(80 - 84)

Very Poor
(79 & Below)


( 20 and below )

( 21 and above )

Nature of Work Place

The CIPP Model’s
4 main types of evaluation include
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