Importance of Eating Healthy Food

Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Eat Fresh Not Processed

With all the focus on getting healthier through eating right and exercising these days, I am making a stand try to completely eliminate processed foods from my diet. If you see a food product in a box, a bag, or any type of packaging and it did not come from a health food store chances are it’s processed. Foods that are processed lose most of their nutritional value and substituted with unhealthy fillers like sugar and carbohydrates. Artificial colors, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, and salt are some of the other unhealthy substitutes used in processed foods. Consuming too much high fructose corn syrup itself is believed to be a factor in weight gain, dental cavities, and overall poor nutrition. Not only does it taste better, but fresh foods also provide more nutrients than processed foods. When attempting to get the full benefits of fresh foods, one should purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. These fresh foods contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fibers that are all needed in order to maintain optimal health. Eating fresh foods over processed makes it easier to lose and maintain weight as well as providing more energy because processed foods are not nutritious. A big part of fresh food and its vitamins is when it is consumed. Fresh foods start losing their vitamins the moment they are picked and sometimes sit in stores or warehouses for weeks before being purchased. This is a good reason to try and purchase food from a farmers market where everything is fresh. There are different ways of buying and consuming fresh foods, one is referred to as a raw diet. A raw diet consists of foods that is not cooked, applied to a fire or fragmented in any way. The thought is that when you cook anything it will decrease the nutrient content and kill the enzymes. Another way of purchasing fresh foods besides the local grocery store is to go to a farmers market or buying organic products. Organic products are grown in rich, natural soil...
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