Importance of Computer

Topics: Western culture, United States, Indian independence movement Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Independence Day speech

India's 66th Independence Day on August 15 to celebrate his upcoming being. After a few days of India's independence, he is going to come mahaparva. This freedom has been sacrificed mahaparva many great patriots we received it by then. One can understand the true meaning of freedom have suffered from the days of slavery. Read: An Unsung Hero of Freedom


What is Freedom: What's freedom
Is very difficult to define freedom. Every person using your intelligence limit that freedom. Every person wants to remain independent, but its exuberance occasionally be detrimental.

Freedom means - Transcend country on the road to development and to give such a direction to the society, the culture of our country emanates fragrance is spread around. But forget our younger generation is truly independent. Young people are influenced by Western culture. Today we utilize our freedom and development in the society and the country should take.

Whats Freedom for you????: What's freedom
Today daughter - son of equality is graded, but given the atmosphere of society in terms of protection of girls parents set boundaries for their freedom, which is a sight not wrong. The same is true for sons. Disciplining them from time to time it is necessary to limit their freedom. Independence is very important in the balance.

Whats Freedom for Youth: Youth for Freedom
Tolerance and a life of slavery countrymen losing millions of years after independence, we have found it valuable. But today's young generation has forgotten the true meaning of freedom.Following western culture, its civilization, culture and heritage is getting off. The poet is well documented that in this context:

" Bhagat Singh not to take this time, the body of Indians  still punished for hanging because of patriotism "
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