Importance of Completing Postsecondary Program

Topics: Higher education, Academic degree, High school Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: January 5, 2011
Importance of Completing Post-secondary Program
I feel like I cannot run full speed in the race of life. I cannot reach for many opportunities which I believe I could have availed if I had a degree. I am now left out and thus success or achievement is a far cry for me. I am lagging behind in personal development as well. My contribution to the society also is strained because of this lack in education. Education is the most important process in life, passing on knowledge from one generation to another. Due to the financial crisis, my parents had to work to support their families instead of going to school. It was unfortunate for them. As time progressed, education became more important. My parents have emphasized the importance of having an education because they know their lives would be different. Ever since I was born my parents have pushed me along from one grade level to the next, always reiterating the importance of completing my education. Even though they did not have a higher education, they were always willing to participate in my education either directly or indirectly. My parents both worked to support my high school tuition which is a common thing in Bangladesh. But they couldn’t continue this support in my higher education as it was way beyond their capacity. Many years passed by and now they have grown old. Now our condition is such that I have to contribute in my family and I take it as my duty. I am struggling to pay for my college.

As a young adolescent I was pushed to succeed where my parents had failed not fully understanding what I really wanted to do with my life. But now I am stuck. Once I get the degree I can pursue the career I want to and climb up. It would be like a pass to enter places and getting a chance to prove myself. The importance of education has a different meaning to different people. Education is important to me because it is important to my family. I was told having an education that it was something that no one could...
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