Importance of Communication for Chartered Accountants

Topics: Web conferencing, Communication, Message Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: June 4, 2011
Communication is empowered in the era of
Information and Technology. Today’s professionals
are required not only to sharpen their communication
skills but also Internet Skills. The traditional offices
have been replaced by virtual offices or broadly
speaking professionals are expected to perform their
official assignments by remaining on-line 24X7 bases.
The world of internet has thus revolutionized the
information gathering process and opened ample
opportunities for CA professionals. The advancement
in the Information and Technology has given birth to
integration of Communication strategies. Hence,
integrated communications is becoming the buzzword.
As the generation next of CA Professionals, our
students should remain acquainted and well versed
in the use of Internet enabled services. Now a days,
Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings,
training, or presentations via the Internet. Similarly,
old fashioned seminars are making rooms for
Webinars. Webinar is a type of web-based seminar, a
presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is
transmitted over the Internet. Webinars are gaining
momentum due to their interactive elements. Not
only this, our Institute has also come up with Live
Virtual Classes to bridge the gap between you and
the Institute. It has given a life time opportunity to
interact and communicate with the panel of experts
in order to quench the thirst of knowledge.
The modern CAs are supposed to attend and conduct
meetings with their prospective clients by using these
latest technologies. E-mail etiquettes are also main
area of concern as it has been observed that majority
of students lack professional approach while
exchanging information through this communication
facility. They need to be very particular and
meticulous in drafting and sending their messages
via emails. Students need to understand the dynamics
of e-mailing as it may make or break their business
relationship. The latest...
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