Importance of Communication

Topics: Employment, Performance, Communication Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: September 25, 2013
How important is communication in a diverse workplace?
Most workplaces in Afghanistan, especially in Kabul, are diverse workplace audience. Foreign aids flown in Afghanistan made the existence of most international organizations. After 2001, Afghanistan experienced a complete different work environment. Not only international organizations hired multinational employees, but local NGOs and companies have also had a diverse workplace audience. So using English in the workplace has been common since then. Specifically employees who have been working for international organizations or their international clients have needed to learn English Language skills, so that they could communicate effectively with their colleagues or customers. Having good communication skills played a major role in the businesses in Afghanistan. So many businessmen decided to learn English language to better run their works. Communication skills can bring the positive or negative changes in the diverse workplace audience. Lack of good communication skills may ruin the employee performance in the workplace. Poor communication skills can cause the delays in having the jobs done. For example if someone wants to get some job done with his/her colleague, and he/she is not able to explain about the job very well to the colleague, and the colleague would either delay the job or finish it wrongly. Poor communication skills will cause some more negative results in the workplace; the employee with poor communication skills cannot make good friendship with his/her colleague, he might fail to present his/her idea to the boss, and cannot have a good job performance. On the other hand, strong communication skills would enable a person to perform very well in the workplace with diverse audience. Communication effectively fastens doing tasks, and helps the colleagues to have long term friendships. Someone with strong communication skills can show their abilities, so he/she would increase the chance to get...
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