Importance of Co Curricular Activities

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Schools and Universities are not only places for students to learn academically, it is a training ground to become an effective individual and contributor to the society. Along with the academic curriculum any instiution has, the administration also offers programs and groups that may or may not fully be connected to any subject. But are they just a waste of time?

While some of the students may take things like extra curricular activities for granted, for some who don't maximizing such programs can bring about training in school to a whole new level. This programs are mandated by most institutions and are there for some reasons:

- Enhancing the social skills of the student- along with a moderator, be it a teacher or a student leader, extra curricular activites such as clubs and big events can help students mingle and get to know other students with the same interest. It may also help students know people outside of their comfort zone, the classroom. A great training to enhance confidence and cooperation when they become effective citizens of the society.

- Developing inner skills such as leadership, creativity etc. It enhances the learning experience because it gives the student a chance to think out of the box and get creative on their own with the help of others. They may take this in developing a richer learning experience by thinking of new ways to solve a problem or finding an answer.

- Taking time out of absorbing information. Learning can be stressful to most students facing it everyday. We all need to take time outs to do more than just studying. This is a chance to relax, mingle, and develop skills needed to become a more effective professional.

Parents should be supportive to their children when they want to join a club of their interest, want to become a leader or even join and event sanctioned by the institution. It develops the student as a person holistically.
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