Importance of choosing career

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Mobile phone and younger generation

In this super-connected world, mobile phone serves an important role in the field of communication. Today, everyone has their own cell phone including young children. Even though these gadgets have both positive and negative effects, I am of the view that mobile phones have an adverse impact on youngsters. Firstly, cell phones have many advantages. Other than talking or texting, it provides many applications such as access to the internet, camera, songs, calculator, torch light, and so on. Out of which children can make use of the internet as well as scientific calculator application as a means of their studies. For instance, many English learning students use mobile phone GPRS facility to log on to essay forum in order to improve their writing skills .So mobile phone helps children in many ways because of its convenience. On the contrary, cell phone has become a major threat in children’s life. These gadgets diminish the academic interest in students. In addition, the potential of the loss of moral values in youngsters due to the exposure of unhealthy stuffs on the internet is a matter of concern. For example, obscene contents on the internet have a negative effect on young children, and now mobile phones serve as a great reservoir of such contents. More over gaming, chatting and so on are of having their own ill effects on young kids. Like video game consoles, cell phones are increasingly used by children nowadays. It had become a custom that every children need to have a mobile phone as soon as they know how to operate it. When some people see this as a positive development, others say it is not bringing any good to the children for several reasons. It will be discussed in the same order. As parents worry a lot, after hearing many horrible stories with regard to the safety of a child at schools, they consider mobile phones as a safety agent. At the time of insecurity a child would be able to contact his/her parents at...
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