Importance of Business Communication

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Importance of Business Communication

In business, reputation and credibility need to be built up in order to get clients’ trust and confidence. Having a sense of professionalism will bring a lot to the business, especially in a long term relationship with employees and clients. There is a need to make sure that every business deal is attended to promptly. Business communication encompasses not only communicating with external contacts but also with employees within the organization. This will aid the business in being well-organized and every matter whether it is a problem, an inquiry or a sales letter will be attended to properly and promptly.

It does not mean that only a client’s inquiry should be responded promptly but also feedbacks or problems arising inside and outside the business as well. This is done to have a balance within the internal and external factors, especially in relation to dealing with people, whether they are employees or other external contacts.

Types of Business Communication
It is very important to know the type of business communication used in order to know the specific etiquettes and standards to use in a specific situation. Here are some of the communications used in business.

Electronic Communication comprises different modes of communication out from the traditional way. It includes e-mail, fax, teleconferencing and voicemail. This is used for external contacts and for people within the business organization.

Employment Communication is a mode of communication used for employees but specifically for accepting applicants for a job. It includes application letter, follow-up communications, interview and resumes.

Nonverbal Communication is a mode of communication that uses body language and other means of communicating without the use of uttering words. It includes body language, expression, gestures, professional appearance, time or space.

Verbal Communication is a mode of communication that uses the uttering of words in communicating to external contacts and employees. It includes feedback, instructions, presentations, and telephone.

Written Communication is a mode of communication that requires writing in order to communicate. It includes letters, memos, proposals and reports.

It is very important that when engaging into whatever type of business communication every person in the business organization from the top to lower rank should know the basic concepts of business communication, and how to apply them in the daily operation of the business.

Take note that a little mistake in giving out the information because of wrongfully conveying the message in any ways can cause damage to the business and worse can cost millions to the company. A business cannot afford to lose money due to a mistake. As much as possible, precautions should be undertaken to avoid such losing of money due to things like improperly conveying the message. It is advisable that when a person in the business organization is communicating either through a co-employee or a client, knowing what needs to be done is the right ingredient in order to communicate effectively. Success of any business lies in effective communication. The more effective the communication is, the better the results are. Communication is effective when it produces desired action in the reader or audience. Effective communication is essential for the survival and progress of a business concern.

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential quality of a businessman. A person may be intelligent but he may not be able to get his message across to others. Ideas are generally common but the ability to convey then to others is rare.

A successful communicator exercises a good effect on the minds of his readers, employees, supervisors, customers, suppliers, investors and business associates. They form a good impression of the company and the communicator. He builds the goodwill of the...
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