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Topics: Business process outsourcing, Philippines, Metro Manila Pages: 17 (10380 words) Published: October 26, 2014
Preserving People Competitiveness and Tenureship among BPOs in Metro Manila, Philippines Maria Lourdes P. Lugtu Marco S. Espinosa Jerryl Lou B. Esquivel Rosemarie A. Galsim Ma. Concepcion M. Gatchalian Heidi E. Layson Jeanne Daphne G. Perez Margie S. Tizon BSEM 3 -3 FUNDAMENTALS OF RESEARCH ENMA 4063 PROF. LOUVELLE S. FORMENTERA September 27, 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE CHAPTER 1 The Problem and Its Background3 Introduction3 - 4 Theoretical Framework4 - 11 Conceptual Framework11 - 12 Statement of the Problem12 Hypothesis12 Scope and Limitations of the Study13 Significance of the Study13 - 14 Definition of Terms14 - 15 CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies16 Foreign Literature and Studies16 - 18 Local Literature and Studies19 - 34 CHAPTER 3 Research Methodology35 Method of Research Used35 Population, Sample Size, and Sampling Technique35 - 37 Respondents of the Study37 Instruments Used37 - 39 CHAPTER 4 Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data40 - 42 CHAPTER 5 Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendation43 Summary43 - 44 Conclusion44 - 45 Recommendation46 - 47 Bibliography48 Curriculum Vitae49 - 69 CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION The Business Process Outsourcing industry is touted as being crucial to Philippines economy. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is just one of the segments in the IT industry. It has matured and counts for the bulk of the industry at present. BPO sector is experiencing explosive growth. It is the BPO industry that can earn Philippines the mark of being the outsourcing capital of the world. Philippines is fast becoming the leader in business process outsourcing because of the low labor costs and seemingly endless supply of skilled human resources. Last year, the Philippines BPO sector posted growth of 26 and generated export earnings of about 9bn, according to the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), giving the industry a 5 share of GDP. We discuss in this research that continued growth of the BPO sector is certain on it overcoming its biggest human resources problem (i.e., high turnover, which is posing a serious threat to growth and profitability). Average turnover rates in the industry is imposing a significant cost on firms as they attempt to replace percentage of their employees per year in a very competitive labor market. Thus, despite possessing one of the worlds largest supplies of skilled manpower, there is a desperate shortage of people in the industry. Our goal in this research is to understand the causes and consequences of high turnover in the industry and mainly, primarily to document the various ways in which all departments in the BPO industry are attempting to address the critical issue of preserving people competitiveness and tenureship. This situation presents an interesting research study of a unique management challenge, the management of relatively well-educated employees in the high tech sector who are doing a variety of primarily low skill low cost jobs. This study suggests that employers and leadership of departments are testing with different diverse strategies to preserve people competitiveness and tenureship. As we will discuss, some of these options are clearly conventional, placing emphasis on several instrumental incentives to promote employee retention, while some others are new and extreme, particularly the formulation of an organizational and work culture tailor-made for the different kinds of profile of BPO employees like young, upper middle class, and well-educated. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Lack of competitiveness is admitted as the major obstacle to economic development in the Philippines as the countrys import substitution policy hampered, for years, the emergence of a culture of world-class...
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