Importance Of Historical Knowledge

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The Importance of Historical Knowledge Learning about our past is vitally important to the present and future of our civilization. We must learn to grow from our past successes and mistakes. It is human nature to make mistakes, but the less we make, the stronger and smarter we become. The drawback is to go through the process of learning. It is impossible to grow and learn from if we don't know or analyze our failures and mistakes.

I feel the most important thing we can do with our history, is to take advice from it. When terrible things occur in history, it is recorded in textbook and encyclopedias as a bad thing. As intelligent being, it's our job to read this, comprehend what is being said, and try to prevent future occurrences. History advises us that certain events are failures because millions were killed, or property was severely damaged, and our fragile eco-system was damaged. If we can't learn from these past mistakes, we won't have to worry making future one because we won't have a future to screw up. The human race would probably not survive another world war, so we must prevent one from ever occurring again.

Another great advantage of knowing our history is being able to improve our quality of life, as well as helping wild life prevail. By learning about old technology we can improve upon inventions making them faster, stronger, smaller, bigger, lighter, more accurate, and/or more reliable. If Henry Ford had not learned from his first attempts on the internal combustion engine, we may have a very different lifestyle today. If nobody came along after Henry Ford to improve upon his engine, we wouldn't have nearly as powerful, reliable, and luxurious cars as we have now. We could still be driving model A's. There is also the ability to take past inventer's failures and turning them into a success. Inventers can apply new ideas of their own that have never been tried before to past failed inventions to get them to fulfill its purpose.

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