Implications for Marketers

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Business Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 5, 2010
Implications for Marketers
Marketing strategies (Marketing mix elements – price, product, distribution, and promotions) has to reflect the brand and its image appropriately. Marketers should constantly be up to date with the changes in consumer’s demographic, lifestyles, and trends in order to develop marketing programs that appeals to them, so that they are able to be more adaptive to the marketing programs to the brand to achieve brand awareness. Marketers should always develop marketing programs that fits the image of the brand in order to achieve consumers association with the brand. Fast and effective strategies need to be implemented whenever there are negative news and views regarding the brand before it spreads further and tarnishes the brand’s and corporate image. Marketers need to avoid manipulation of the benefits of the product in order to avoid any boycotts, protest and suing by health organisations and various parties, which will generate negative publicity that will tarnish the brand and company. Advertising message and strategies has to reflect the brand’s image in order for consumer to associate better with the brand. The candidate (celebrity) selected as the brand’s ambassador must reflect the image of the brand and connects well with brand in order for consumers to associate well with the product, hence achieving brand association. Marketer s has to ensure that congruence (resemblance) of brand association exists to ensure that consumers (with little knowledge regarding the brand) do not get confused with the meaning of the brand. Furthermore, it is to ensure that brand associations do not get easily changed by competitive actions. Lastly, to ensure that consumers will not overlook or discount some potentially relevant brand associations in making brand decisions. Marketers must ensure the marketing programs...
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