Implication of Bottom Up Strategy in Development: Based on Case Study of Brac Community Empowerment Programme

Topics: Resource allocation, Local government, Empowerment Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Based on the case study of BRAC Community Empowerment Programme explain how community based platforms can be enhanced and utilized as a “bottom-up” strategy to achieve development outcomes.

"The most critical issue with international development is getting the right resources to where they are needed most and ensuring those resources are being integrated in a sustainable manner. The greatest failure of international development to this day is the wasting of resources due to a lack of comprehensive knowledge of the realities on the ground.” It is this lack of accountability and meaningful investment—“the tragedy of aid”—that William Easterly denigrates in his book The White Man’s Burden. To ensure accountability and meaningful investment in development ‘Bottom Up’ strategy takes into account ‘comprehensive knowledge of the realities on the ground’ as it starts with the grass root level stakeholders involved in the process of development. With the core idea of empowering the vulnerable and marginalized agents of the society, through different policies ‘Bottom Up’ strategy strives to achieve the development outcomes. Resources in the capture of the bureaucracy, especially in developing countries where prevalence of corruption is significant, while transferring from top to bottom lose considerable amount of its potential. While resources like community platform, strong local governance and access to information empowers the marginalized portion of the population, creates better scope of development. Community platform gives a podium to the unprivileged section of the society to make their voice heard to the upper level and the whole process helps to transform bureaucratic practices at the local level to be more responsive to the needs of the poor. With access to information these people get to know more about civic rights, local government and its services and a strong and participatory local government develops capacities of the local government and rural...
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