Implementing Inclusion in Schools

Topics: Education, Special education, Inclusion Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: November 21, 2013

Promoting Inclusion within the Classroom
Isaac Roberts
EDU 280-1002
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Author Note
This paper was prepared for EDU 280, section 1001, taught by Dr. Levitt.
The controversial topic of inclusion is a major issue within classrooms all over our nation today. Inclusive class settings, of course, blend students with disabilities into the general education classrooms with regular general education students. There are definitely many angles to view this disputed agenda from, and pros and cons to both sides of the inclusive learning. While inclusion certainly isn’t for everyone, this paper takes a general look from both sides of the equation in an effort to show different effects that inclusive learning will have on students, teachers and family within the community.

Last semester, I got the opportunity to do some shadowing within inclusive classrooms throughout the Clark County School District here in Las Vegas. I shadowed ten different teachers in these classes throughout the semester and found that each and every classroom of students had very different results. My first day of shadowing was in a high school math class at Green Valley High School in Henderson. This teacher had a very monotone voice that echoed memories of Charlie Brown’s academic experience with very little engagement. I could tell from the very beginning that this teacher was not a fan of the students with disabilities within his classroom population, as he had very little tolerance and patience for them from the very beginning of the first class. Typically in inclusive classrooms, a special education teacher will assist students based on collaboration with the general education teacher. The special education teacher in this class worked very hard, although was frustrated with the general education teacher’s view of the students with disabilities. After class, she told me that many teachers like this do not approve of inclusive learning,...

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