Implementing Change

Topics: Change management, Management, Organization Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Implementing Change

Dipali Patel


July 8, 2013
Dr. Marcia Baker

Implementing Change
Change is an important part of any business weather its an health care organization or not. Managers play an important role in implementing the change in any department of the organization. There are some set rules for effective management of change. If managers have set principals for how to implement the change effectively they can just apply them to manage organizational change to be more successful. Managers have to have thoughtful planning, consultation, involvement of all the employees equally, and sensitive implementation. Managers need to be aware that if the change is forced on their employees normally problems arise. Change has to be achievable, measurable, and realistic in order to implement it effectively. Personal change is an important aspect of the organizational change. Managers also need to know what they want to achieve with the new change, why, and how will they find if the change has been achieved, and how is the new change going to affect employees and how will all the employees react to the new change? Managers should not sell the change to their employees as a way of accelerating agreement and implementation. Employees need to understand the change and managers should manage the change in a way that employees can cope effectively with it. Managers need to make sure that all the employees that are affected by the new change agree with it or at least they understand the need for change. Employees should have a chance to decide how they will manage and be involved in the implementation and planning of the change. It is important for the managers to have face to face communications to handle sensitive aspects of the organizational change management. It is hard to convey employees through emails and written notices. Employees are not responsible to manage the organizational change. Employees are only...

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