Implementation Process of Electronic Health Record

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Implementation Process of Electronic Health Record
Sharon Garcia
July 13, 2015
Jane Ferraris

Implementation Process of Electronic Health Record
For any new electronic program system to work it must be appropriate for the needs of those using the system. Patient safety should be the main concern when implementing new systems in a health care setting. Prior to implementing the electronic health record system at Garrison Children’s Hospital the implementation team should have done some extra research on how the system would affect patient care and the staff’s ability to use the system. Researching the program and its benefits to the hospital could prevent a system from failing. Implementation Process

According to the PowerPoint presentation developed by the Maryland Health Care Commission (2012), “The main goal of using technology in the health care arena is to improve the quality of patient care” this is extremely important (slide 2). In order to successfully implement a software system in a new setting, one must first understand the current state of the organization in terms of its staff, the people they serve, its process, and the supporting tools. There should be an assessment phase completed prior to implementing any EHR system. This should include determining if the organization is ready for the change before fully implementing the system (, 2014). Prior to implementing the system, there is a need to analyze the organizational needs to identify problems and potential areas for improvement. As stated by Maryland Health Care Commission (2012) prior to implementing a new system the leadership and implementing team should, “Analyze existing work processes while looking for opportunities for improved productivity and efficiency using the tools provided by the EHR” (slide 12). The following are some questions that should be considered before implementing a system. What is the current software being used in...

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