Implementation Plan

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Implementation plan
For the implementation of Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators are two theory’s used. Namely the eight steps of John P. Kotter and the MOTIQ model. These two theory’s will support the implementation to get the best result.

Concrete description measures IST SOLL
The implementation plan of the SLA’s and KPI’s is based on the gaps between the IST and the SOLL situation. The three most important gaps are the perception and expectation from the customers. The maintenance department did not know this information. However not only the perspective of the customers also the perceptive of the employees is not clear, because of the one-way communication between employees and management. At last the maintenance department does not have any measurement tools, therefore the performances could not be measured if it is effective or not.

The solution to these gaps are implementing Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators. The maintenance will be able to measure the performance levels and evaluate the customer satisfaction. The communication between management and staff will improve because of the clear job descriptions and two-way communication.

Relevant aspects of the EFQM model
By implementing SLA’s and KPI’s these aspects of the EFQM model will endure the biggest changes. * Leadership
The management of the maintenance department will be instead of the controller the coach. To successfully implement the SLA’s and KPI’s empowering their staff is a crucial factor. * People
The employees of the maintenance department will undergo a lot of changes. Two aspects that will endure the biggest changes are more employee involvement (two-way communication) and a clear job description (knowing what is expected from them). * Processes

The processes carried out by the maintenance department will be measurable by implementing SLA’s and KPI’s. Being able to measure the performances will result into more effective and efficient performances and meeting the customers’ expectations. * Policy & Strategy

By implementing SLA’s and KPI’s the policy and strategy of the maintenance department will include a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle performance measurement to ensure that plans are followed through.

The eight steps of Kotter
The theory of John P. Kotter is about leading change. Of course the downside of change is inevitable and there are a lot of errors made when implementing a change, but this can be reduced if these eight steps are followed. (Kotter, 1996) 1 Establishing a sense of urgency

The first step to start the implementation of SLA’s and KPI’s is making the organization aware of the urgency to change. This will be done by a survey to discover the perception and expectation of the customers. After the results of the survey, the organization knows the outcome and have to stop the ‘happy talk’ and become realistic. By saying the organization it is meant the whole maintenance department. So not only the higher management but also the staff. There should be a evaluation meeting to discuss the outcome and make an improvement plan. 2 Creating the guiding coalition

Ask people for participation in the changing process at different levels, so not only higher level. The lower management and the higher management have the same input. However people with a strong position and power are the ones who make the final decisions. Employees should feel like they are listened to by the management. Every employee should create a positive attitude towards change.

3 Developing a vision and strategy
The vision of the maintenance department is
* To be recognized by the Hospital and community for excellence in service. As a partner in solving our customers problems, and as the provider of choice (Plant Operations, 2007).

The objectives of the maintenance department are:
* Create transparency in the maintenance department.
* Proactively able to meet current and...
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