Implementation of Recommended Proposal

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Leadership and Organizational Restructuring of Apple

Submitted To:
Lecturer, Managerial Communications
Department of Management Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
UWI, Mona

Submitted By Consultants:
* Shanelle Bethune
* Debbie Forbes
* Arielle Graham
* Kamesha Robinson
* Tameka White

November 4, 2012
November 20, 2012
The University of the West Indies
Mona, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 927-1660-9
Dear Consultants,
We have received your proposal to conduct a case study on our Company Apple. We understand that you are doing this study for your undergraduate final assessment. You are given the authority to conduct your study provided that you give us a copy of your project report in a weekly basis. Please remember that only members from your team will be permitted to use our facilities as needed for your study. Please proceed as you have outlined in your proposal. You can start your study on Monday. I have informed the staff and students about this study. I look forward to receiving your first progress report on Friday, next week. It is our pleasure to be a part of your study. Should you have any other concerns that you’d like to address us, please call us 408-996-1010. Thank you very much and have a good day! Sincerely,

Timothy Cook
Apple CEO
Executive SummaryII
* Company Background
* Rationale
* Situation Analysis
* Objectives Of The Plan
* Strategies And Tactics
* Implementation Timeline
* Monitoring And Evaluation Of Plan

Organizational restructuring hovers around the changes in organizational design. It brings about changes in decision making, information flow and management style. Through this restructuring, just like all other restructurings, is initiated by the CEO and requires the participation of all hierarchies of an organization, especially the employees.

This proposal hopes to correct firstly the inconsistent and inefficient communications between the public and the company and secondly, to let the products it produces speak for the brand, instead of an individual. This proposal will discuss the implementation of the best recommended alternative for Apple. It will be supported by a rationale, an analysis of the current situation and the proposal objectives.

A management team of five young ladies diligently thoroughly researched the company and examined all the direct and indirect factors affecting Apple so as to create the best alternative approach for the future success of the company. The proposal is further justified by highlighting the strategies and tactics that will be employed, the implementation timeline and how the plan will be monitored and evaluated.

This research was made possible by the current CEO, Timothy Cook and his management, who authorized as well as assisted in obtaining primary and secondary information, and to them we give credit. Special commendations to our lecturer Ms. Paulette Henry, for providing feedback to our queries reading the case analysis and to the members of this management team who work assiduously on this case analysis.



Apple Inc., an American multinational corporation based in California, designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers and portable digital music players, as well as sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals and networking solutions. Founded in April of 1976 and incorporated in January of 1977, Apple has since become the powerhouse of the telecommunications industry by revolutionizing the way people think, communicate and entertain themselves. The Company’s products and services include iPhone ® , iPad ® , Mac ® , iPod ®...
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