implementation and planning

Topics: Implementation, Management, Future Pages: 5 (1673 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Effectiveness of the school management depends on planning and implementing objectives and set goals. There are many risks and opportunities involved in pursuing or implementing set goals and objectives once they have been planned. Therefore the assignment discusses the assertion that planning for effective school management is one thing while implementation to attain the set goals and objectives it yet another thing which is true. Planning is the first thing and mostly the important function to look at in school management. Educational planning is the process of examining the current system of education in order to identify areas that need improvement. Planning is also defined as; The systematic process of establishing a need and then working out the best way to meet the need, within a strategic framework that enables you to identify priorities and determines your operational principles. Forojalla (1993). Planning means thinking about the future so that you can do something about it now. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will go according to plan. It probably will not. But if you have planned properly, your ability to adjust without compromising your overall purpose will be that much greater. In the absence of planning all the activities of the school will become meaningless as they will carry no objective. Planning is a big term that includes a number of different kinds of activities; it is not obvious that when you plan you will automatically implement the objectives and goals set. Planning comes in when there is a need for change or continuation in most cases of projects or solving of problems. Planning may be on a short or long duration depending on the need. Planning implies thinking about the future and trying to assume control over future events by organizing and managing resources so that they cater to the successful completion of the objectives set forth. Without proper planning, projects or programs may be implemented at the wrong time or in the wrong manner and result in poor outcomes, as such you cannot implement if you have not planned but you can plan without implementing. “Implementation is the realization of an application, or execution of a plan, idea, model design, specification, standard and algorithm. Implementation is actually an act that must follow preliminary thinking in order for something to actually happen. Implementation is a process of translating a pronounced policy statement or policy document into activities that will have an impact on the target group.” Sanders (1994:97). Implementation actually involves putting the planned activities into action such as the schemes of work which is the medium-term plan that gives ideas on how teachers might deliver the course. It is up to the teacher to implement the courses planned for the term, some succeed while others do not manage. Planning for effective school management involves formulation of clear goals and objectives, hence we can say planning consists of deciding in advance what the school or department wants to do and how they want to do it, on the other hand implementation is putting the plans into action. UNDP(2009:101) states that “implementation is often a challenging activity that those who are implementing should be well focused” implementation requires adequate personnel and the financial resources and the administration capability to achieve the desired plans. The following activities have to be considered when planning. Describe the problem; you need an accurate description of the problem. Select the intended projects; an intended project or group is the projects or programs the plan is designed to influence. Select the setting; the setting for a plan is where activities will occur. Set goals and objectives; your goal should be a broad statement of what you want to achieve. Objectives should be measurable and attainable given the resources you have. Finally you implement; you have developed your materials and...
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