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Short-term implementations
Matters that ought to be considered as top-of-the-list would be the revision of the Collective Agreement. Although the agreement had been signed for a 3-year period (January 2008 – December 2010), it was signed under protest and “no conclusion as been reached with regards to a Productivity Bonus Scheme.” A collective agreement is an understanding between the Management (on behalf of the Company) and trade unions (on behalf of the employees) which regulates the terms and conditions of employees in their workplace, their duties and the duties of the employers. This agreement is legally binded and once signed, everything that is written in it must be carried out by both employees and employer. In the case of Syarikat Getah Bagus Sdn Bhd, what was promised in the agreement was not followed by the Management. Two of the main claims made by the Mr. Tan See Seng were the canteen was serving them bad food – rotten fish and old chicken and instead of giving three uniforms, the operators were only supplied with two uniforms. This was what triggered the operators to cause disturbance in the production factory. The employees must have a clear response as to why the Management had only provided them with two uniforms instead of three; perhaps, the Management wanted to cut costs, for instance. By revising the contract with the agreement of both parties: the employer and employees and carrying out what was really proposed should solve this issue.

The Joint Consultative Council (J.C.C.) consists of four union representatives and four Management representatives. They meet up every twice a month or every two months to discuss on labour-related problems. The members of the J.C.C for Syarikat Getah Bagus Sdn Bhd are as follows; Union delegates Management representatives

Veloo, National Union President
Nasir, National Union Secretary
Tan See Seng,...
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