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Google is an employer of choice, but my friend really dislikes the Google culture.He feels as if he is required to participate in socializing and activities with coworkers that neither interest him nor fit his personality. But, others thrive in the Google environment. An employer of choice like google strives to pay employees compensationthat may include a salary and benefits that are equal to or above market rates. Most employers of choice offer employees a comprehensive employee benefits package as they can afford to add benefits for employees, including health insurance, paid time off,paid holidays and paid vacation.

Google mainly offers employees the following benefits:
Job Security: Employees are reasonably certain that their employer is financially sound. Freedom from concern about losing their jobs, employees are able to concentrate on their goals and core functions without worry.

Empowerment and Authority: Employees are empowered to make decisions about and take responsibility for how they do their jobs. Employees are given a startegic framework(company mission, vision, values,goals, feedback) by their department, but they control their choices and how they perform their core functions and make progress on their goals.

Respect: Employees may not always be right and their ideas may not set company direction and choices, but at an employer of choice, employees feel that they are fundamentally respected by their bosses and coworkers.

Opportunity for Growth: At an employer of choice, employees feel as if they are encouraged to continue to develop their skills and careers. Google offers performance development planning , career paths and internal and external training opportunities. Job assignments help employees expand their skills.

Access to Information: As an employer of choice -Google shares information with employees that range from the...
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