Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements.

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Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements. PROJECT
The Work Health and Safety Management System is the framework of how we organize Work Health and Safety (WHS) in the hotel BARCELONA. This Policy and Procedure Manual is organized in accordance with AS/NZ 4801- Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and includes references to applicable WHS legislation including the WHS Regulation 2011. This WHS Policy and Procedures Manual contains general procedures for safe work. Individual job specific safety procedures are maintained by individual departments. Our WHS related documentation is stored in the HEMSafe system Using the HEMSafe guided system we have developed our WHS Policy and have planned how our WHS Management System is going to work. We are implementing that system now through communication and instruction so that everyone in the hotel knows what is expected of them. We will regularly evaluate the WHS Management System performance through regular internal WHS (OHS) System Self audits and through regular workplace inspections, and Risk Assessments Management will also review the Work Health and Safety Management System after the results of any external audit (if undertaken) by examining the results of the audit, the recommendations stated in the audit, and by consulting with workers to provide a clearer picture on how we can improve our performance. LEGISLATION

• NSW OHS Act 2000
• OHS Regulation 2001
• Workers Compensation Act 1987
• Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 • Dangerous Goods Act 1975
In accordance with the Work Health and Safety Legislation 2011 the hotel BARCELONA and its Directors recognise their moral and legal obligations to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees, apprentices, contractors, and labour hire employees, (defined in the WHS Act 2011 as workers) so far as is reasonably practical. Where hotel employees are required to work offsite the same Policies and Procedures will apply. The hotel BARCELONA is also committed to providing a safe and health environment for its customers/clients and visitors so far as is reasonably practical. We are committed to implementing and maintaining a clear, Work Health and Safety Management System that has the support of everyone in the organisation. Objectives

So far as is reasonably practical our hotel will:
• Provide a safe and healthy workplace for all workers
• Provide safe plant and systems of work
• Provide written procedures and instructions that ensure safe systems of work • Ensure compliance with WHS legislation and current industry standards • Provide relevant training, information, instruction, and supervision to employees, contractors, visitors and /or customers to ensure their health and safety • Provide assistance and ongoing support to employees regarding WHS issues Responsibilities

All staff are responsible and will be held accountable for implementing those aspects of the Policy for which they are responsible. Performance will be measured regularly in accordance with hotel policy. Designated ‘Officers’ and / or Management will:

• Provide a hotel in a safe condition
• Be involved in developing, promoting and implementing health and safety policies and procedures • Be involved in developing, promoting and implementing workplace hazard and risk identification and management

• Train employees and other relevant workers in the safest method to perform their work tasks • Provide and ensure usage of, adequate resources and information to meet our hotels’s commitment to Work Health and Safety

Workers will:
• Take reasonable care for their own health and safety
• Follow all procedures detailed within our hotel WHS Policy and Procedures • Report any injury, illness, hazard or unsafe work practice to Management as they occur C)
Purpose: To have a defined method of...
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