Imperialism: World War Ii and Hawaiian Native Tribes

Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, World War II, World War I Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: October 26, 2012

Imperialism was a policy for extending your rule over foreign countries. Nations used their power by the 4 P's, they were to gain Piety, Politics, Patriotism, and Profit, it was all necessary to take control over other parts of the world. The 4 P's involve expanding their nation, but the US wasn't interested in spreading untell the 1840's, when other countries already expanded and took over most countries. This essay will explain how expansion became a big part of competition among other countries.

Taking land and colonies is another way of changing peoples lives and beliefs, which is one of the P's, Piety. When the US was taking over all of Hawaii they happened to come across multiple tribes. The Hawaiian native tribes had their own beliefs in religion and aspects of the world. The US wanted to change their life styles to believe Christianity. The citizens in the US thought if you weren't christian then you wouldn't go to heaven, so they thought if they changed their beliefs then they'd b saved. For the natives who didn't want to change their religion to Christianity then they were killed, even if they were innocent. The US built schools, churches, and homes for the natives, so in time they would be able to think like the US and it would be more of a compressible country. We basically controlled their ways of life and freedom, forcing are way of beliefs to their beliefs (

Theodore Roosevelt is a perfect example for Politics, which is another one of the P's. He stopped the war between Japan and Russia, and received a diploma, gold medal, and cash. He also was a war hero in Cuba, after a week worth war he ended up keeping Cuba so it can be a government, then added the Monroe Document, as if someone attacked Cuba then the US would respond to it as an attack as well. Roosevelt became instantly popular in the States for what he did. By 1918 it was clear the foundation would not go...
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