Imperialism in Ecuador

Topics: Ecuador, Francisco Pizarro, Charles Darwin Pages: 4 (1066 words) Published: April 26, 2005

Before becoming Ecuador in 1830 it was known as the Vice royalty of Granada. Western imperialism and exploration led Spain to inhabit this Gold mine. Thesis: Slide 1
The year 1492 brought about many changes in the Old World that forever altered the way we understand and perceive the New World. Imperialism and Colonialism soared to new heights and brought two completely different worlds into a crash course forever entwining cultures, laws, religion, and customs in North and South America.

Slide 2
The year 1492 is important in many ways. After centuries of fighting the Muslims, Jews, and Moors were finally expelled out of Granada, the last strong hold of other religions in Spain. Christianity once again reigned in Spain. This led monarchy to fortify their homeland and start looking for new land to monopolize and colonize on in Asia. This is why they called the Western part of South America New Granada.

Slide 2- the man the Spanish monarchy chose was Christopher Columbus. Columbus is known for stumbling into America while looking for Asia. Slide 2- the men who deserve the credit should be the man who conquered the Americas and that is Hernando Cortes and Francisco Pizarro.

Slide 2 transition into slide 3- Once Cortes and his small army defeated Montezuma's powerful Mexican Aztec warriors, which outnumbered the Spaniards 10-1. The riches in form of Gold started to flood into Spain.

Slide 3- once Queen Isabel died in 1504 and Ferdinand died in1516 there was a power struggle between the families. Charles V and queen Isabel of Portugal took over and immediately had to make political alliances as soon as possible. What better way then conquering new land and people? Spanish Thrown to send Francisco Pizarro on a new Expedition down south to find the other Great Empire that was rumored to exist in the south Slide 3- the motivational factors were over Gold but to make it sound a little better to the church and to the...
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