Imperialism Essay

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Imperialism Essay

“Imperialism” has two parts to it: one, known as regressive imperialism, is characterized by pure conquest, exploitation of lands, and unwanted settlements in the lands conquered. The second, known as progressive imperialism, focused on a more cosmopolitan view of humanity, or social service, such as helping a country that is backwards in terms of economy or technology, and elevating the standard of the country. The term “Imperialism” was first coined in the late 19th century, which first started in Europe with Great Britain leading up front, and then later spread to America. There are people who argue for imperialism and against it. Each side has their opinions and reasons for why they are correct. For example, many imperialists supported their idea of expanding in one way or another. Some took Darwin’s of “survival of the fittest” to explain that the concept not only applies to animals but also human beings as only the fittest survive. This gave industrialized or developed countries to conquer non-industrialized or undeveloped countries (such as industrialized Britain, America, Germany, etc. conquered parts of Africa and Asia and such). Although there was a side that used Darwin’s idea of “Survival of the Fittest” to their advantage for the right to conquer, there was another side that used Rudyard Kiplng’s famous work published during that time, “White Man’s Burden” to justify their Imperialism. Many Americans understood the phrase "white man's burden" as a characterization for imperialism that justified the policy as a noble enterprise. They understood the phrase as in that there are many developed countries whose job is to help or purify the other countries that are backwards in terms of development. For example, some Americans were eager to spread democracy into Latin America and other parts of the world. Therefore, they took the poem “White Man’s Burden” to justify their imperialism. Not everyone in this era favored Imperialism,...
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