Topics: Africa, Political philosophy, Colonialism Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Is imperialism ever good? Yes, imperialism has positive aspects that have benefitted the world around us. Imperialism affects the imperial nation, as well as the conquered country, politically, socially, and economically. Politically, imperialism brings power and authority to the stronger nation. It also helps develop the conquered nation into a more politically strong nation. Socially, imperialism brings education and diversity to foreign countries. Although the desire for a wealthier economy is the main reason for imperialism, the economical aspect of imperialism helps the weaker nation as well. Conquered nations experience great technological advancements and industrialization which helps boost their economy.

The political aspect of imperialism brought about many positive affects. First of all, it helped develop a weaker and poorer nation into a stronger nation. For example, before European influence, tribal conflicts persisted throughout Africa. Africa was considered a weak and divided nation and therefore became an easy target for colonization. After the Europeans started taking over, African nations realized the danger they were in and started to industrialize. In addition to industrialization, communication between the African nations increased as well which helped them become politically strong. Imperialism created great political competition between Western countries as one imperial power became stronger and wealthier than the other. This competition led to military, naval, and navigational innovations, as each imperial power tried to come up with ways to conquer more land and become stronger. We are thankful for these innovations today, which would not have occurred without imperialism.

Socially, imperialism is important in many ways. Imperialism creates a great cultural diffusion, which allows for an exchange of ideas. Due to colonization, education methods were adopted and medical care improved. Better methods of sanitization improved the state...
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