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I am writing an essay about imperialism, it affected our government in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and there was mixed opinions about it.
Personally, I think imperialism was very bad, I caused war, reliance on other countries and other problems in the government.
The first example that imperialism isn’t good for our government is that we became so obsessed with having power and economic superiority in the whole world. Because we wanted to own so many different countries in the world that we actually did buy as many lands as we wanted but other countries began to get fed up with our power and started wars all over the world. Even though we won mostly all the battles that we fought, imperialism still cause war and that is never a good thing.

Another example of why imperialism is bad is because it often caused people to become slaves, and lose their countries resources because we wanted to become a more advanced country, this obviously isn’t good because we would torcher people in other countries, and even though we became more advanced we cause other countries to hate us because we take away their chances to develop and they may want to attack us and take back what we took from them.

Even though imperialism had a lot of negative effects on the world it also had some positive effects. One of the positive things about imperialism is that when a country would take over another country they would be very nice to the colonies that they made. The nations built them things like canals, roads and railroads to help their economy. They also built them schools, and showed them the telegraph, because the colonies did not advance very fast and didn’t have the medical technology and better garbage disposal. Another important thing that the countries provided were seeds for new crops, new tools and farming methods. These changes helped decrease the number of people dying in the colonies, and it improved the way they lived. Another positive example of imperialism...
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