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This report is a marketing plan for the next three (3) years for Imperial Tobacco Group Public Limited Company. Imperial Tobacco is a multinational company specializing in tobacco and tobacco related products (mainly cigarettes, cigars and rolling paper) with the host company being located in the United Kingdom.

A marketing plan is a ‘written document that summarizes what the marketer has learned about the marketplace, indicates how the firm plans to reach its marketing objectives, and helps direct and coordinate the marketing effort.' Kotler et. al. (2006) The marketing plan for Imperial Tobacco will include an overview of the company (strategy, values, financial situation, market share and management overview), PESTLE. Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Analysis of Sector Trends and Competitors, Objectives and Assumptions formulated and a forecast and budget for the three (3) years.

In preparing the report references were made to the Imperial Tobacco Company Website, Marketing Textbooks, Business Strategy Textbooks, Internet Articles/Libraries, Journals and Lecture Notes.


Imperial Tobacco is the world's fourth largest international tobacco company. It manufactures markets and sells a comprehensive range of cigarettes, tobaccos, rolling papers and cigars. It achieves sales in over one hundred and thirty (130) countries; employs approximately fifteen thousand (15,000) employees; and has thirty three (32) factories worldwide.

The strategy of Imperial Tobacco is "to create sustainable shareholder value by growing our international operations, both organically and through acquisition.' (www.Imperial

Since its international expansion in 1996 focus has been on international growth. This has been achieved through acquisitions in companies worldwide that has afforded Imperial Tobacco to achieve both horizontal and backward integration. This gives them an advantage of cost reduction, quality enhancement, corporate restructuring, innovation and speed of response capability.

Imperial Tobacco values include: (1) working together for the good of the whole business; (2) value of individuality and hard work; (3) looking after our people; (4) putting shareholders first among our stakeholders; (5) being responsible; and (6) pursuing high standards of business ethics (see Appendix I).

2.3Market Share
Their core markets (UK and Germany) have clear leadership in the UK and the number two (2) position in Germany. These markets are complemented internationally by a strong profit base in the Rest of Western Europe and a strong position in the Rest of the World. Figure 1.1 shows a graphical view of this summary.

Cigarette volumes by trading region FY 2005
Total 172.5 billion cigarettes

Cigarettes (bn)Regions

23.9UK 1


17.7Rest of Western Europe

112.7Rest of World

Fine cut volumes by trading region FY 2005

Total 26,600 tonnes




15,600Rest of Western Europe

1,800Rest of World

FY = Full Year
1. Includes 4.3 billion (2004: 4.5 billion) PM brands

Figure 1.1 Source: Imperial

2.4Financial Situation
Overall, the Group increased sales, including duty by 2%, from £11,005m to £11,255m; operating profit up 18%, from £885m to £1,044m; pre-tax profits up 25%, from £688m to £862m; profit after tax up 25%, from £450m to £576m. Basic earnings per share, diluted earnings per share and dividend share up 29%, 28% and 12% respectively. (see Appendix II, pps. 19-25)

Increased profits were due largely to improvements in their core markets and increased turnover worldwide.

2.5Management Overview
Core markets of UK and Germany delivered significant improvements in profits despite market declines. Increased cigarettes share in several markets across the world, namely Davidoff and West Brands. The Group continued drive for...

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