Imperial Tobacco v British Columbia

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Imperial Tobacco V B.C

-The British Columbia Government sued the Imperial Tobacco company. -The reason they sued was because the British Columbia government wanted the Imperial Tobacco company to pay for all the medical treatment for individuals that become ill because of smoking. -The B.C government also wanted to sue Imperial Tobacco for having no product liability. -Product liability is when a company must label all of the positives and negatives of the product. -Tobacco companies didn't put on their products that they will give you cancer or any other diseases. (Imperial Tobacco became a company in the 1800's) -In a similar case, 2 smokers sued Imperial Tobacco because their “light” and “mild” cigarettes gave them cancer. Meaning that the light and mild cigarettes were no different than the regular cigarettes. -Tobacco companies want to find contribution and damages from Canada. -The Tobacco company issued third-party notices to the Government of Canada alleging that if they were held liable they were entitled to compensation from the government for false misrepresentation, false design and failure to warn, as well as equity. -The B.C government wants every province to be able to sue tobacco companies to up to $10 billion for health care.

1)Do you think that the Tobacco companies should pay for health care related to smoking cigarettes? If so, what should they pay for?

I think that the tobacco companies should pay for all of the health care needed for all Canadians up to the point when they posted that their products will give you cancer. I believe this because customers that smoked cigarettes but didn't know that it caused cancer should be compensated for all damages that has developed. And with anyone that 2nd hand smoked the product before product...
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