Imperial Pacific International Case Study

Topics: Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan / Pages: 7 (1555 words) / Published: Nov 21st, 2017
FACT: “Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC earned over $1 billion in gross gaming revenue from January to July 2017, according to documents obtained by Saipan Tribune” (Casino, 2017). The Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited develops and operates destination casinos. Imperial Pacific Holdings is headquartered in Hong Kong. This business began as a natural foods company, but transitioned to gaming when it purchased Macau-based junket venture Hengsheng in 2013 for HK$400 million ($51 million). The Imperial Pacific is led by CEO Mark Brown who is a gaming industry veteran and has worked for Trump Entertainment Resorts and Las Vegas Sands (Saipan Imperial, 2014). Through its subsidiaries like Best Sunshine, the company develops …show more content…
According to the interviewed person, the government has polled the people of the CNMI before the casino industry have began its operation on-island. The residents of Saipan were asked on whether or not they wanted a casino built on the island of Saipan, and every time, the voting public have declined the idea. She also stated, “In 2013, investors from Macau saw that Saipan had the potential to be top in the world of gaming because of the natural state the island was in, as well as its close location to Asian countries.” The investors sought the advice and permission of the local government of the CNMI promising to help with the economic growth of the region as a whole by offering to donate part of their revenue, which is paid to the CNMI as their annual casino license fee, to schools, CUC, infrastructure, and the local …show more content…
“The government does not have the money to fully support our budget and that is the reason we are not able to implement [certain programs],” (Retirees, 2017) said NMC president Dr. Carmen Fernandez. “We are very happy about it.” “We appreciate all the help from the government,” (Retirees, 2017) said Dave Attao, NMTI director of planning, budget grants, human resource, and instruction. “Our community needs the employees that we have now and NMTI has very limited [resources] so the more [resources] NMTI could build up for stability, the better” (Retirees, 2017). The bill now leads to the governor for

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