Impacts of Student Retention

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1.0 Introduction

This report will explore the concepts of existing education policies

in a developed country – Singapore. The Minister of Education of

Singapore commissioned this report to account for the impacts of

student retention to its advantages, disadvantages and impacts.

This report is constructed with at least 6 credible scholarly articles

and the MOE’s official website. Although the idea of retention in

Singapore is not unfamiliar, this report will distinguish the

ramifications of retention and describes the implications of

retention in a developed country like Singapore.

2.0 Purpose of Grade Retention

2.1 Goals of Retention

The practice of holding back ostensibly weaker students for

one more year on the grounds of failed academic prowess is

common in Singapore. Retention policy calls for requiring students

who have failed to achieve satisfactorily to repeat their current

grade the following year. “Promotional Gates in certain grades

found that 20 to 40 percent of the students did not qualify for

promotion” (Brophy 2006, 13). This is motivated by a conservative

belief that retaining students provides another opportunity to

master content which students failed to master and consequently

leave students better equipped to succeed in the following year.

“Most grade repetition in developed countries is imposed by

schools on low-achieving students who have made poor progress

despite regular attendance” (Brophy 2006, 12).

2.2 Does Retention Satisfy Original Goals

“Sixth grade students rated grade retention as the single

most stressful life event” (Riggert et al 2006, 71). Repetition is

principally made up of two forms, voluntary and involuntary.

Voluntary happens when students whom are considered “at risk”

drop out of school before attempting the final exams “Repetition is associated with low achievement and early dropout” (Brophy 2006,

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