Impacts of Protests on the Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginals

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Native title, Australia Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Impact of Protests on the Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginals

The treatment of Indigenous Australians by the government has been an issue of controversy since White Europeans settled in Australia. Throughout history Aboriginals have developed and hosted many protests, sometimes with the help of the White Europeans that wanted to make a difference to get back rights and freedoms of Aboriginals.

The Australian Aborigines were the first people to live on the continent Australia, being here longer than the White Australians. During that time, the Aboriginal people made a special bond with the land and their kinship to their families. After the invasion of the Europeans settlers, laws were introduced to take away the land traditionally owned. Protectionism was one of the first policies meaning that Aborigines and the European settlers were separated and ‘protected’ for their own good. This was failing and that’s when assimilation was introduced which meant the Aboriginal people had to accept the European way of life and assimilate into society that was foreign to them. The new law was being challenged to a point where the policy of integration and self-determination was introduced; which allowed Aborigines to have full control of their lives, after the protest movement.

The taking away of reserve land, the after math of the Second World War and the policies of protectionism, assimilation and integration; self-determination, all led to an increase in Indigenous activism. While Aboriginal people and white settlers had no more physical clashes, a new era of resistance had started where instead of using violence the Indigenous people now began to pursue a policy of peaceful, political protest through activist groups and rallies.

The first significant protest happened just before the outbreak of WWII with the so-called ‘Day of Morning’. As the celebrations of Australia Day were going on in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay the Aboriginal protest groups were also...
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