Impacts of Hunting

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Impacts of Hunting

In today’s society there are many different opinions about many different topics. There always seems to be the person or group of people who find one person’s great idea terrible for all man-kind. It is one person’s word against another and it almost never ceases to end. One debate that has been brought up in recent history is the laws and boundaries of hunting. Many nature enthusiasts love nothing more than to contribute in a positive manner to the environment by harvesting an animal by themselves. It gives a sense of pride while being rewarded. Meanwhile it is also one step in controlling a species population. On the other hand, there are the people that would be pleased to see hunting abolished because all they see is the killing of defenseless animals. These stances can be justified in certain instances at all times. The purpose of this is to shed some light on the actual impacts of the hunting industry people may not be aware of. The impacts hunting has on society, the impacts it has on the environment, and the impacts it has on the economy. After close evaluation, speculations on what is right and wrong will hopefully be somewhat more qualified. Impacting the society of America and the world in general is the hunting and outdoor industry. There has been a lot of involvement by various people as of late in this aspect of activities. In 2006 the United States Fishing and Wildlife service reported that more than 87 million people participated in wildlife-associated recreational activities. (Brasher, 2010) Along with the millions that already stay active, there are many many services and organizations that dedicate themselves to getting more people be involved with hunting and other outdoor interactions. There is a Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, commonly called Pittman-Robertson Act, which provides aid for wildlife habitat, introducing wildlife, conducting research, and educating hunters passed by congress in 1937 (Brasher, 2010). The progress of these acts and establishments largely impacts the future of the industries of hunting and fishing and all the other outdoor activities. Hunting allows for the passing on of enjoying a healthy American activity, it’s steep in heritage, and you get a sense of stewardship for all things wild. Another organization encouraging the interaction is Ducks Unlimited. They are more incorporated with the waterfowl aspect of hunting. This organization conducted a nation-wide phone poll and found hunters were three times more likely to be involved in organized wildlife conservation efforts than non-hunters (Brasher, 2010).

Not only are there many people that participate in the actual activity of hunting, but the overall support from society is tremendous. In 2006 1.1 million hunters (residents and non residents) hunted a combined 14 million days that year (Allen & Southwick, 2007). There are gatherings and functions all the time to improve as much as possible. There are 54,000 outdoor enthusiasts that are united in the Izaak Walton League of America to help with clean waters and improved fishing and hunting (Williams, 2009). So many enthusiasts really do make a substantial influence on the outdoor industry. The USDA Forest Service reports more than 200 million visits to the national forests during 2007 (Williams, 2009).

Even though many people are able to hunt whenever and in many locations, there are numerous places in America where there are times when it is not allowed. Today there are 11 states that either prohibit or restrict the hunting on Sundays. This is a day of none to very strict hunting for the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, South Carolina, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia (Dunham, 2011). This has been a ban in place for many years. Lifting this ban will have an increase of hunter participation in 22 extra days of various hunting seasons (Dunham, 2011). Though this is a day...
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