Impacts of Cultural Differences

Topics: Negotiation, Culture, Dispute resolution Pages: 11 (3074 words) Published: March 31, 2013
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Graduation Thesis

Subject: Impacts of Cultural Differences on International Business Negotiation
Name: Chen Xiujuan
Student No.: 0 8 5 1 0 3 4 0
Specialty and Class: Business English, Class 3
Department: Department of Humanities and Arts
Supervisor: Liu Mifan

Date: 2011-3-02



1. Types of Cultural Differences2

1.1Value View2
1.2. Negotiating Style2
1.3. Thinking Model2

2. Impact Of Cultural Differences on International Business Negotiations4

2.1Impact of Value Views Differences on International Business Negotiations4 2.1.1Impact of Time View Difference on Negotiation.4
2.1.2Impact of Equality View Difference on Negotiation.5 2.1.3 Impact of Objectivity Difference on Negotiation.6 2.2 Impact of Negotiating Style Differences on International Business Negotiations.7 2.3 Impact of Thinking Model Differences on International Business Negotiation.8

3. Coping Strategy Of Negotiating Across Cultures.9

3.1 Making Preparations before Negotiation.9
3.2 Overcoming Cultural Prejudice.10
3.3 Conquering Communication Barriers.10





The business negotiations under different cultural conditions come to cross- cultural negotiations. With the economic globalization and the frequent business contacts, cultural differences seem to be very important; otherwise they could cause unnecessary misunderstanding, even affect the result of the business negotiations. This means it is very important to know the different culture in different countries and the ways to avoid the culture conflicts in the international business negotiations. The article commences from the types of culture differences, then it explains the impacts of these culture differences on international business negotiation and finally it analyzes how to deal with the problem of the cultural differences correctly in negotiation process. Such a standpoint is emphasized: In the business negotiations between different countries, negotiators should accept the other party’s culture, and try to make him be accepted; then make a correct evaluation with the help of valid communication and discover their real benefits between them. Besides, we should know clearly and try to accept the culture differences as possible as we can. It is very important for the success of culture negotiations.

Key words: Culture; Cultural differences; Business negotiation; Impact Introduction

Along with the advancement globalization and China’s WTO entry, business enterprises in China have to face more and more business negotiations with foreign enterprises, especially with American enterprises. In these negotiations, Chinese negotiators sometimes feel uncomfortable, puzzled, lost, irritated and the alike, because of unfamiliar custom and behaviors demonstrated by American negotiators. Meanwhile, American negotiators confront the same situation. Cult rural differences between China and west countries could cause many problems. Therefore, understanding cultural differences and overcoming them is crucial in international business negotiations. Although the definition of culture is numerous and vague, it is commonly Recognized that culture is a shared system of symbols, beliefs, values, attitudes and expectations. Culture is a major determinant in business negotiation. So have a clear picture of culture differences if of great significance.

1. Types of Culture Differences

The east countries and west countries have produced different cultures on the different continents. Among the different cultures, value views, negotiating...

Bibliography: [3]Philip R Harris, Managing Cultural Differences [M]. Gulf Publishing Company, 1987:234-260
[4]Wang Cheng fa
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