Impacts of 4Ps beneficiaries

Topics: Poverty, Political corruption, Conditional Cash Transfer Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: July 31, 2014
Under the management of Department of Social and Welfare Development (DSWD), the 4Ps is widely known to be the lynchpin of the government’s anti-poverty efforts. One of its key interventions is the provision of small cash transfers to mothers, as long as they commit to investing in their children, such as by ensuring their children to go to school, as well as get deworming, vaccination and regular health check-ups to name a few other aspects of the program. 4Ps operates in 79 provinces covering 1484 municipalities and 143 key cities in all 17 regions nationwide (Mendoza, 2013). According to Mendoza (2013), 4Ps program is and continues to be a good investment, because of these following reasons: (1) Ending Poverty, (2) Preparing for country’s Youth Bulge and (3) Fueling Economic and Political Transformation. 4Ps program, as a matter of fact, is not the only government strategies to alleviate poverty. There are numerous plans and works that have been started but eventually it stopped; maybe due to financial incapability or lack of hope for the said project’s success. But Mendoza (2013) pointed out that this program attacks one of the root causes of poverty- weak education, health and other human development characteristics that disadvantage a poor person. Therefore, human capital build-up is, first and foremost, the key ingredient in the strategy. Next in line is Preparing for Country’s Youth Bulge. According to United Nations (UN), our country is expected to reach its peak number of young people by around 2040-2050. Thus saying, after 25-30 years the full weight of our future labor force is comprised of infants already being born today- and their future capabilities depend heavily on the policy choices we make (Mendoza, 2013). So as to say, what we sow today is what we earn tomorrow. Therefore, the 4Ps is not merely a matter of charity for poor children as far as our country is concerned- our long run economic growth depends in large part on how successfully we...
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