Impact on families in crisis

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Impact on Families in Crisis
Deborah Gray
Prof: Jennifer Beatty
Unit 5 HN220 Crisis Intervention
Date: August 29, 2014

Impact on Families in Crisis
In today’s society most families have gone through a crisis in some point of time in their life, even though some individuals are at a greater risk than others. Some individuals react differently to stress and crisis situations based on their own skills or there behaviors, other may experience in denial of disbelief of the event that had occur. However every crisis is different, but over-all they’re required immediate intervention action to the individual that is going through crisis. The important of crisis intervention is to help the individual confront the reality of what has happened and established a rapport with the individual to understand the comfort between the client and the counselor. Using these basic rapport-building communication skills invites the client to talk, and brings calmness to the situation. In regards to the process of crisis intervention the worker identified the cognitions of the client as they relate to the precipitating event and altering them to help decrease unmanageable feeling to focus on the method that is providing community referrals and other resources that is essential in applying the ABC model is Achieving contact with the client B is boiling the problem down to basics; and C, coping skills (Moline (1986) Crisis intervention is to provide effective crisis support and assistance to all victims that come in counter with the crisis intervention, to have available resources and services to meet the need of the victims by providing direct assistance or referral to other agencies. Crisis worker gather up information, about each crisis situation that is done through formal academic courses, such as books, and learning experience in helping clients work through their crisis intervention issues.

ABC Model of Crisis Intervention is a method for conducting a brief mental health interview with the clients whose function level has decreased in stress, and disbelief of what has happened. In the event of the crisis intervention that is focus on the individual problem is applied within 4 to 6 weeks of stressor (Kanel, K 2007) In define the way to structure the crisis intervention is to developed and maintain contact with the individual in identifying the problem that has occur. In additional to be successful as a crisis counselor should have excellent basic attending skills, to developed of rapport of understanding and good eye contact between client and the counselor, listen intently and have attentive body language.

In addressing the issues of my client situation, as a crisis counselor, I would start out in identify the problem with my client, and development of rapport of understanding and building communication skill in order for my client to talk and bring calmness to the situation. Identifying my client has brought to my attention to focus on the client’s perceptions of stressful situations that causes them to be in crisis as well as coping with stress, which is implying to loss of control, loss of self-esteem in adjusting to changes of life. I my perception of crisis worker, I would address the question as follow. “ What brings you here today? “ Are you having problem getting started “ “How have you been feeling today”

Research Information only

The ABC model of crisis intervention is a method for conducting very brief mental health interviews with clients whose functioning level has decreased following a psychosocial stressor. This model is a problem -focused approach and is most effectively applied within 4 to 6 weeks of the stressor. (Kanel, K. 2007)p. 77 It is one way to structure crisis intervention that includes developing and maintaining contact, identifying the problem and coping. (Kanel, K. 2007) p. 25. My client is a 22 year old...

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