Impact of Working Status on Their Lives: a Survey of Working Women

Topics: Informed consent, Karachi, Aga Khan IV Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: October 1, 2010
Objective: To study the impact of working status on the lives of working women. Methodology: A questionnaire based cross sectional survey was conducted at the Family Practice Center, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan, from July to December 2006. The Questionnaire included data on the demographic profile of the patient and questions in line with study objectives. Ethical requirement including the administration of written informed consent and the provision of confidentiality were ensured. SPSS computer software was used for data analysis. Results: Two hundred working women were interviewed. The mean age was 29.05 years. A majority was married (53.5%) with more than grade XII education (67%). Sixty three (31.5%) women were working due to need and eighty three (41.5%) were finding it difficult to carry out home responsibilities because of it. Extra understanding and support was received from family by 155 (77.5%) and 115 (57.5%) women respectively. One hundred twenty three (61.5%) women felt they did not have enough time for themselves. The status of working women is better than non-working women according to 123 (61.5%) respondents. Financial benefits outweigh other disadvantages according to 105 (52.5%) respondents. Marriage prospects of working women and their children are better than non-working women and their children according to eighty one (40.5%) and eighty (40%) respondents respectively. Confidence in working women is higher than non-working women according to 142 (71%) respondents. Eighty one (40.5%) respondents feel that working women’s financial independence has negative impact on theirs husband’s self esteem. Conclusions: Working women find it difficult to carryout their home responsibilities. There is need for further studies on how to improve the working conditions and home situation for working women in our society.
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