Impact of Tv Advertisement on Purchasing Psychology of Adolensent

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Impact of Television Advertisement on Buying Behaviour of Adolescents Introduction
Market arena in India has been witnessing several changes in character and complexity since the last few years. These changes include a higher reach of mass media, particularly due to an increased penetration of satellite channels, availability of a greater assortment of products and services, a higher level of consumer spending on items other than basic necessities, a more discerning choice behavior exhibited by consumer preference for better value in products and services. A gradual development of the economy has indeed influenced these changes. However, the most important impetus for the transformation of markets is the visible increase in competition. Given these signals, the key question vexing most companies is: how does one compete and grow in rapidly changing and competitive markets? The answer is Television Advertisement. Television the great invention of J.K.Baird has today became a mass media of modern communication; as a result there has been an increase in great amount of commercial propaganda. Today’s producer invests huge amount of money on TV advertisement and in finding new ways of attracting consumers towards his products. As a result consumerism is the new religion of the day. Consumerism is having great effect on various groups of the society. Adolescents are the important group of the society. So, it will be of great use to find-out how television advertising affects them? In the city consumerism had already begun to spin its web. Adolescents are the main targets of this, which attempts to change their consumption pattern, lifestyle & views. Consumerism is also influencing adolescent’s buying behaviour & higher desire of acquiring luxurious goods in their future-life. In short the producer of today is trying to capture the market by focusing its special attention towards adverting by keeping adolescents in their point of view. The best example of consumerism is advertising strategy adopted by China for capturing market. Their main focus is on adolescents. China has gained great share in the international market due to adverting its adolescents-related products. They became successful in earning foreign revenue just by changing adolescent’s psychology through advertising. This example of China depicts how a growth rate in economy is accelerated by mere advertising for adolescents.

In 1991 Indian Government introduced new ‘Industrial Policy’ and adopted the concept of ‘Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization, as a result there is rapid growth in Industrialization. Many foreign and multinational companies entered into Indian market to sell their products. To capture the market many producers are engaged in advertising their products on Television. TV advertisements are displayed in a very attractive manner. Generally the help of film stars and cricket stars is taken for advertising the products. This strategy of the producers is having a great impact on buying behavior of adolescents. Adolescents get easily attracted towards these TV advertisements and try to follow their favorite film stars and cricket stars. TV advertisements are playing a crucial role in changing the buying behavior of adolescents. Today adolescents prefer to buy luxurious goods and desires to live a comfortable life in future. Today there is a drastic change in eating and clothing habits of adolescents due to TV advertisements as a result there is increased profitability of the producers.

Meaning of Basic Terms

Adolescence (lat adolescere,(to) grow) is a transitional stage of physical and mental human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. This transition involves biological (i.e. pubertal), social, and psychological changes, though the biological or physiological ones are the easiest to measure objectively. Historically, puberty has been heavily associated with teenagers and...

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