Impact of Transitions on Behaviour and Development

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Psychology Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: June 22, 2013
All children will experience in their life-time, a change of school from junior school to senior school, puberty, and starting school. The impact on a child’s behaviour and development is outlined below. CHANGE OF SCHOOL

Changing from junior school to senior school can be a very scary experience for most children. They could become less confident due to the fact there are older children in the school that they have not had to experience before, making them withdrawn and frightened. They could become rebellious because they feel that they don’t fit in with the older children, they may not like the teacher that they have and need to get used to a stranger teaching them, this can be hard to adjust to and may need time for them to get used to the new teacher, this may mean that they do not progress in the settling in period as much as they would once they had settled in. PUBERTY

Every child experiences puberty some experience this at different ages from 10 years old upwards and can be a very confusing time for them, their bodies are changing at an alarming rate and their hormones are raging, they are experiencing a wide range of mood swings and this can also be confusing as they don’t understand why. If this is not handled in a respectful and sympathetic way it can impact on their social and emotional behaviour, they become withdrawn and unresponsive towards people and if these changes they are experiencing are not explained in a sympathetic way it could harm the way they feel about themselves and they could develop body issues later on in their lives, which could have a harmful effect mentally and they could suffer mental health issues. From my own experience of puberty I found it really frightening and didn’t understand what was happening as I was not told what to expect and that what I was experiencing was completely normal and I needed to trust my body’s changes and that it would be ok and it was part of...
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