Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance

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The concept of training predates history; it is as old as man himself. The earliest man learnt to hunt and grow crops for his survival. One of the earliest types of training was on the job training (OJT), which is still in wide use today

China began training of her workers through conceptual case studies in the 5" century BC. Confucius presented problems to his students and asked them to contemplate possible solutions to those problems. The case study is still widely in practice even today, mostly in professional schools. It is an effective tool to encourage learners to think philosophically about difficult and problematic situations without having to go through personal experiences. As time went on, modern theories of psychology, training, and staff development were applied to training methods in order to keep staff skilled, knowledgeable, and motivated Definition: "Training is the process of teaching new employees the basic skills they need, to perform their jobs" (Dressler, 2003)

Training is a learning experience which seeks a relatively permanent change in the individual that will improve his ability to perform his job well. Every organization needs to have well trained, experienced and adjusted employees to perform their duties efficiently. Training can involve the changing of skills, knowledge, attitudes, or behavior. It may mean changing what employees know, how they work, their attitudes toward their work, or their interaction with their coworkers or supervisor. Training is more present day oriented and focuses on individual's existing jobs and enhancement of abilities to perform well. Training should not focus on new employees only, but old employees should also be put through periodical training in order to keep their knowledge updated.

1.1 Background information.
One of the most important aspects in the contemporary hotel industry is employees’ acquaintance with new methods and techniques of Hotel management through training. In fact training is formal as well as an informal process, which is carried out for improving the performance of employees. Therefore the implementation of an effective training process at all levels of management has a significant impact on the performance of the employees. Human resource practices have a great impact on the organizational performance, every organization depends on its work force for fulfilling its operational requirements, human resource not only a subject for The professionals handling the human resources of the organization, in wider perspective it deals with all the key functions of all the departments in an organization it is a liaison between the organization and the employees of the organization it is studied by the economists to relate the efficiency in the productivity of the Organization.

"Future-oriented training, focusing on the personal growth of employees" (Stephen, 2002), for example if an employee is promoted supervisor, his new job would require him to ensure his subordinates do their duties well. This would require his grooming in advance. This is known as employees' development, and every organization must plan/carry out employee's development in order to keep it functioning efficiently.

1.3 Statement of the problem
Business world is going to be dominated by the services. It has been noticed that in today's world the service sector is the largest growing area of developing countries. The cross-culture encounters in business and company cultures world-wide are fueling the growth of service sector in developing countries. Nowadays an increase of tourism has resulted in the expansion of hotel industry Kenya. The hotel industry in Kenya has become highly competitive with regard to the quality of service provided by hotel industry, as the quality of services has significant effects on the profitability and success of hotels. The quality of service can be maintained by continuous development of both the...
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