“Impact of the Working Conditions on Health of Female Labourers’ in a Garment Sector”

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Textile, Occupational health psychology Pages: 3 (1256 words) Published: June 22, 2013
“IMPACT OF THE WORKING CONDITIONS ON HEALTH OF FEMALE LABOURERS’ IN A GARMENT SECTOR” Mr. Arjun C. Jadhav Dr. S. P. Rajput ______________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT Garment industries have created employment for women workers. Women workers are readily available at cheaper wages. In addition they are also hard working, sincere, docile, and loyal in nature. These advantages have taken by the employers but the workers suffer from low wages, statutory benefits and welfare measures. Work environment of garment industries is not safe, congenial and healthy for workers. The study is based mainly on working conditions and its impact on the health of female garment workers from Samradnee Garment Industries, Ambap. It was found that workers work under pressure to achieve productions targets but the monotonous nature of work has resulted in health issues such as stress, headache back pain etc. At the end of the study, some suggestions were placed to improve the work environment. INTRODUCTION Samradnee Garment Industries is one of the manufacturing units of woven garments for exports as well as domestic markets, located at Ambap near Kolhapur City in Kolhapur District. The nature of work here mainly involves stitching, cutting, checking, finishing, ironing and finally packing, therefore has created a great scope for female employment. Workers are readily available at cheaper wages and recruited as operators, checker, finisher, ironer and packer. The monotonous working of long hours sitting, standing, pressurized work and uncongenial work environment has resulted in physical and mental stress among the garment workers. In addition to this, the burden of house hold chores like looking after children and being productive in the job has a longstanding stress effect on women’s health. This study helps to overview the working conditions and its impact on the health of the female workers in garment factory. OBJECTIVES The major...

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