Impact of the Tender

Topics: Fire protection, Marketing, Time Pages: 4 (1155 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Impact: Costs & Risks
* Positioning to take advantage of others opportunities
When come up with the business offer or the tender offer by the others company on the fire protection system, it is based on the company strategies on how to take the advantages of opportunities. In the simple word for this kind of risks is “First Come, First Serve” which is a service policy whereby the requests of customers or clients are attended to in the order that they arrived, without other biases or preferences. That are some of the probability that our company need to faced.

* Effect on business processes and workflow
Some of the problem probability that faced by our company will disturb our business activities or workflow. It is because SINAR PROTECTION SDN BHD provide the best thing to the client so that they belief that our good services in term of cost, quality and so on. For example, business activities like marketing strategies like promotion which can attract the customer attention is too much today. So, the others company used the different marketing strategies which can grab the customer attention. So, it will affect SINAR PROTECTION SDN BHD workflow does not run smoothly.

* Staffing
In term of staffing, the number of staff that are required by other company which want to fulfill the tendering needs sometimes does not enough on that responsible because the other staff busy on their own task. Besides that, some of staff that is required on that task and responsibility that must to do lack of knowledge or expertise. It is because did not enough training for them. Maybe in term of time for training activities does not enough for them.

* Effect on client base/end users
The importance thing is effect on the client base or end user. There, the effect for customer is customer belief on our company. It is because when business of the company does not run smoothly, directly it reflects our customer or client trust on our company ability. That...
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