Impact Of The Technology Innovation

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Impact of The Technology Innovation
The impacts of this so called technology innovation in Boboiboy animation are everywhere. Everybody likes it. Collectively, Mr. Nizam Razak (creator of Boboiboy) have captured the heart of audience especially kids. The impact of the technology innovation has on business and society is the recognition of Malaysia as great competitor and upbringing of social values respectively

The animation contributes towards the rise of social integrity due to technology innovation. In contrast, Mr. Nizam Razak said that the focus of the product is not only on the technology itself but the effect of the technology has upon the storyline. For example, the 3D character design of Boboiboy which quickly depicts the monotonous character but eventually the power that was given to him gives him the personality that he lacks. With high preference attach to the character, the story can flow with ease and react to the personality of each character. Hence, it’s a given that the storyline is closely incorporated to the technology. This resembles symbiotic relation between 3D animation and storyline.

Particularly, the storyline makes people love to watch with ease and leisure. It does not contain episodes that use visual effect that form cyclic regular patterns in time or space that trigger photosensitive epileptic seizure and other possible symptoms. An example of such effects used in animation is found in a Pokemon episode entitled Computer Warrior Polygon. Pikachu and his human friends Satoshi, Kasumi, and Takeshi, have an adventure that takes them inside a computer where the team confronts a fighter named Polygon. In the ensuing battle, Pikachu uses his electric powers to stop a “virus bomb” and this was dramatized by a rapid series of red and blue flashing backgrounds, filling the television screens. In the following half an hour, according to the Fire Defense Agency, 618 children were taken to various hospitals with symptoms ranging from nausea and seizures. As a matter of fact, the Boboiboy series would not approach such animation technique called paka-paka which uses different- coloured lights flashing alternately to create tension. It is however, common in anime, the distinctive Japanese animation style used in Pokemon and many other cartoons, such as Voltron, Sailor Moon, and Speed Racer.

Although there are little acts of violence, the Boboiboy animation is safe for public viewing and it proves solidly entertaining for children seeking heroic adventure. It centers on a boy who has superpower and able to separate into three. With his friends, Ying, Yaya and Gopal, they fight to protect the earth from alien threats to conquer the Earth to hunt down for cocoa beans. In my opinion, the introduction of the story are not well presented in which the need of the alien to find cocoa is directed towards the coffee shop owned by Boboiboy’s grandfather as if the alien couldn’t find other sources of coffee beans. Another contradiction that surrounds the storyline is the origin of the superpower. It seems to be that the logic of the PowerBall is to transfer the burden of defending the Earth to Boboiboy and his friends which is in this case, the superpowers. Besides all that discrepancy behind, there are a few social values being creatively and colorfully represented. Animosta Studios only intended to target the children of the age six to nine whereby the values are to be instilled preferably from that growth stage.

While being heroic deems certain identity to live with, children should be nurtured with moral value from early stage and build their self-esteem. Heroes are worth being followed if they have certain values by not only being dependent upon the capability of themselves, while instead showing the viewers the importance of creating friendship and helpful to each other when the time is needed or not. These values in aspect of spiritual or cultural are essential to maintain harmony. The character as...
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