Impact of the Russian Economy on Women

Topics: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Soviet Union Pages: 4 (1481 words) Published: December 10, 2006
Sex and Russia
Russia has been through some pretty tough times throughout the past decade with the collapse of the state and the economy. Also, the criminalization of the state and economy has made the outlook of the Russian citizens look bad. In the early 1990's things started to look up for Russia until the crash of 1998 which I believe was the stake in the heart for Russia's economy and the people who lived there. With the economy sputtering there was a lot of Russian citizens unemployed and with that they had to find alternatives to survive. The most common alternative for women was sex, which is anything from prostitution to human trafficking. With all these devastating events Russia is left with a big economic crisis and if it keeps going on there will soon be nothing, but criminals and prostitutes that will occupy the state of Russia.

Mikhail Gorbachev became in power in the late 1980's and implemented a domestic economic reform that he hoped would improve living standards and worker productivity. He also won the noble peace prize in 1990 for his accomplishments. One theory of why the USSR collapsed is that the United States escalation of the arms race between the superpowers caused the USSR to bankrupt itself and collapse. The collapse of the Soviet Union presented many opportunities for reform with in a new democratic government and a market economy. Russia did not capitalize on these opportunities, so instead of building a system based on rule of law, criminals squandered the opportunities and engaged in a self enriching resource grab. Russian organized crime groups have in many ways replaced the state in providing, employment, protection, and security. The criminalization and the lack of political will to change this situation have resulted in the state of Russia being reluctant to acknowledge that there is a trade for women. The result of this criminalization has created ten years of severe economic decline and an end to social welfare and...
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